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Veggie Egg Salad

It’s a meal! It’s a snack! It’s a quick and easy recipe this week that is sure to satisfy! This Veggie Egg Salad from Mind Over Munch takes egg salad to a new nutritional level by incorporating a number of great veggies that help to create a well rounded meal.

Feel free to add additional ingredients as you see fit such as chopped green onion or chopped bacon. You can also change up the flavors by using flavored salt.


1/4 cup broccoli rice (alternatively, either finely chop or process 1/4 cup whole broccoli in a food processor until you reach a “rice” consistency)

1/2 celery stalk, chopped

2 hard boiled eggs (separate yolks and whites)

1/4 cup red bell … Click Here To Read Rest Of Article

Collard Green Wrap

The “wrap” has become a popular lunch item, whether created at home and ordered out, it is a handheld vehicle for one’s favorite sandwich or even salad ingredients to be enjoyed with no mess and no utensils. As a substitute for flour tortillas, which often contain hydrogenated oils and bleached flours, iceberg lettuce has found a calling outside of the salad world. However, if you have ever tried an iceberg lettuce wrap, you may have become victim to the leaves splitting and spilling ingredients down your hand, arm, desk…you get the idea. So much for no mess and no utensils!!

On this week’s blog, we offer you yet another great alternative for a wrap- collard greens, as featured here on … Click Here To Read Rest Of Article

Lemon Basil Cauliflower Rice

Looking for a bright and fresh side dish for you Spring dinners? We’ve got a great option for you this week with our Lemon Basil Cauliflower Rice. By utilizing the power of fresh herbs and citrus, this recipe satisfies without overwhelming your diet. It also comes together in 15 minutes, making it perfect for busy weeknights. Pair with your favorite protein, and you’ve got a complete and balanced meal!


16 ounces rice cauliflower (This can be found fresh or frozen. Alternatively, you can process a head of cauliflower in a food processor until it has the consistency of rice grains.)

5 cloves garlic, minced

Zest and juice from 1 lemon

½ cup fresh basil, cut into ribbons

1 Tablespoon Click Here To Read Rest Of Article

Curried Beef

We bring you this week a simple, flavorful dinner that comes together in about 30 minutes. This Curried Beef recipe adapted from Keto Connect incorporates exciting flavors and results in a comforting and hearty stew of sorts.

Curry powder is traditionally a combination of turmeric, cumin, coriander, cinnamon, cardamom, dry mustard, and cracker black pepper. This recipe makes it simple by using a premade curry powder, which you can find at most grocery stores. Additionally, you may find that some stores have numerous curry powders with different heat levels, so if you like it hot, choose a spicy variety.


While this recipe calls for coconut milk to create your curry sauce, heavy cream can also be substituted if you Click Here To Read Rest Of Article

Dress It Up

Have you ever read the label of your favorite store-bought salad dressing? You might be surprised by what you find! Many have added sugars hidden behind ingredients like sucrose, fructose, corn syrup, glucose, dextrose, and malt syrup to name a few. Additionally, some contain artificial dyes and stabilizers. Although a number of companies have worked to improve the quality of ingredients found in their salad dressings, there is one dressing they CANNOT BEAT, and that is a homemade dressing ready to go in minutes.

Making your own salad dressing is easier than you may think. All you need is a good quality oil, vinegar, and spices. We will provide you with the basic ingredient list, and idea of spice combinations, … Click Here To Read Rest Of Article

Egg Roll in a Bowl

Looking for a new and different flavor profile to spice up your dinner routine? Look no further than our spin on an “Egg Roll in a Bowl”. Adapted from Whole New Mom, this recipe is a great go-to when you are craving your usual Chinese takeout.


Borrowing from the flavors found inside the wrapping of an egg roll, this recipe offers taste without added calories. The ingredient list is high on flavor and incorporates nutritious vegetables with high quality protein. We suggest not skimping on the seasoning items or the sesame oil, as they add so much to the dish! However, if you are low on time, buy a pre-shredded cabbage blend to cut down on prep time. … Click Here To Read Rest Of Article

Taco Lettuce Wraps

Wondering how to align Taco Tuesday with your health goals? It’s really quite simple! It involves a quick swap of lettuce for tortillas to wrap up your favorite taco ingredients, and you will have a healthy but filling meal in less time than it takes to order and pick up take-out.


By replacing the tortilla wrap with romaine lettuce, you are cutting down on not only calories but also on a number of food additives of which you may not be aware are in many store bought tortillas. These additives include artificial colorings and flavorings, vegetable shortening, partially hydrogenated oils, and a number of stabilizers. These are in addition to what are usually bases of bleached flours, void of … Click Here To Read Rest Of Article

One Pan Tuscan Chicken

One pan and minimal prepwork. Sounds too good for a dinner recipe, doesn’t it? Well, lucky for you, it is the exact description of this week’s recipe. Adapted from It’s Cheat Day Everyday, this One Pan Parmesan Tuscan Chicken is a great dinner recipe made of whole foods that is prepared in about 35 minutes.

What we love about our rendition of this recipe is its incorporation of healthy fats such as olive oil and rich protein sources such as chicken and greek yogurt. The only prepwork needed is the chopping of mushrooms and garlic. The only equipment needed is a large pan and a little finesse.


1 lb chicken breasts

2 tbs olive oil

8 oz sliced Click Here To Read Rest Of Article

Mamma Mia!

Last week we shared with you a few coffee and tea recipes to spruce up your mornings. This week, we have a recipe to help you end your day on a satisfying note as well. After A LOT of searching and A LOT of trials, we have for you the ultimate spaghetti squash pizza crust recipe, ready for your toppings and personal touches!

Spaghetti squash is a vegetable powerhouse, packed with over 15 vitamins and minerals. This is a bragging right the traditional flour pizza crust cannot claim. On the outside, spaghetti squash appears to be a large, oblong squash, but on the inside, it is much different from other squash varieties. The flesh of spaghetti squash forms ribbon-like strands, … Click Here To Read Rest Of Article

Your Morning Bliss

This week we are tackling your morning beverage. Be it coffee or tea, enjoying a cup of something special somehow seems to make for a better day! Some can enjoy such beverages unsweetened and plain, but for most, adding complementary textures and flavors further enhances their morning cup.

Over the years, products have been developed to make it easier to spruce up coffee and tea at home. You can easily find 20 or more coffee creamer varieties at your local grocery store. Labels entice you with words like “low fat”, “all natural”, and “light”. We hope this post will help you look past the surface of product labels into the nutritional value of your coffee or tea additives and how Click Here To Read Rest Of Article