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Egg Muffins

We have shared this recipe gem with a few patients so far and have decided to finally place it on our blog. We bring you this week a “blank canvas” recipe for you to make your own. We will share with you the basic recipe and then offer some delicious add-ins, but the sky is the limit!

This Egg Muffin recipe makes for not only a nutritious breakfast on the go, but could also a great snack throughout the day. Making these in muffin tins offers built-in portion control. They also freeze well and can be placed in the microwave for reheating.


8 eggs

Cooking spray (We recommend an olive oil sprayer for no added chemicals.)


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Light and Fluffy Chocolate Mousse

Many of you have been asking for a quick and easy dessert that will not jeopardize your nutritional goals. We searched for recipes that had 5 or less ingredients, had little to no sugar content, and had a light and fluffy quality. Combining ideas from a number of recipes, we have come up with this Light and Fluffy Chocolate Mousse.

What you will not find in this recipe are the following traditional mousse ingredients. We will explain why we have removed them or replaced them:

  1. Hard chocolate- While most mousse recipes call for bittersweet or dark chocolate, these come with added sugars that are often overlooked. We have chosen to use unsweetened cocoa powder. The taste is rich, the antioxidants
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Avocado Chicken Salad

Most people spend their Sundays winding down from the weekend and starting to prep for the busy work week ahead. One step in setting yourself up for success in reaching your health goals for the week is to spend some time preparing healthy foods that you can easily pack for work lunches. That means you need recipes that are simple to prep and will keep for a few days. You also need recipes that taste good enough to eat a few times in a single week. We have one of our front desk staff to thank for this week’s recipe for Avocado Chicken Salad, adapted from Natasha’s Kitchen. It’s the perfect go-to for your lunch bag!

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Almond Flour Pancakes

If you’ve done any searching for breakfast options that align with the ELMM dietary philosophy of a limited carbohydrate intake, you have probably found countless SAVORY recipes. But what if you are wanting something on the SWEET side of breakfast? If you do a quick search, you may become frustrated with the long, burdensome list of ingredients needed to make sweet breakfast items that are low in carbohydrates. We are, again, here to help!

In order to provide you with a satisfying experience while not jeopardizing your balanced eating habits, we are going to perform an overhaul of the beloved breakfast pancake!

A typical pancake recipe calls for the following ingredients:

  1. Flour- Typically “white” flour with little to no nutritional
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White Turkey Chili


We are so pleased to share with you a recipe from one of our patients! She created recipe after being seen at the ELMM Clinic and learning about leading a healthier life through her food choices. After some tweaking, she developed the white turkey chili recipe below, and we thank her for so kindly sharing it with us!

You will note that this recipe incorporates a decent amount of fat, which will help to keep you full while not loading you down. You will find that unlike chili recipes that contain a large amount of carbohydrates in the form of beans, tomatoes, and/or added brown sugar or molasses, this white chili recipe focuses on quality fat, protein, and vegetables. Click Here To Read Rest Of Article

Cheesy Cloud Bread

When developing new eating habits, it is easy to give into temptations to eat foods that you once enjoyed every day and have now limited or completely eliminated from your diet. One way to avoid this temptation is to find substitutes for the foods you love but may not be helping you to attain your goal of a healthy lifestyle.

In this blog entry, we bring you a recipe substitute from Fit Men Cook for what we know is a hard food to avoid- BREAD! Bread is often a staple in many households, often served at multiple meals. Unfortunately, all of that bread equals a large carbohydrate load that can leave you feeling sluggish and makes it difficult for you … Click Here To Read Rest Of Article

Have Your Cake & Eat It Too

Smooth, creamy, and indulgent. What could I be talking about other than CHEESECAKE?! Some consider it the ultimate dessert. Others enjoy its versatility. On this week’s blog, it is the center of our attention!

As you have seen thus far in our blogging series, we are focused on helping you to keep a balance as you maintain your healthy lifestyle goals. We want to give you a variety of recipes that will help you feel less like you are depriving yourself and more like you are improving the fuel that you give your body. What’s more, we want it to taste good, too!

So if you were thinking you would never enjoy a dessert again, you thought wrong! We searched … Click Here To Read Rest Of Article

Cabbage Roll Soup


There is a new year tradition of having a meal consisting of cooked greens and black-eyed peas seasoned with ham or sausage, and cornbread. It is eaten in hope of having good luck in the new year. Well, the ELMM Clinic has some great news for you as you dine for good luck. We have a way for you to enjoy some of the same elements of the traditional new year’s meal while still maintaining a healthful dietary balance.

Introducing cabbage roll soup! If you are not familiar with a cabbage roll, it is a Polish dish of a beef and/or pork and rice mixture that is rolled in cabbage leaves, covered with a tomato sauce, and baked. Our … Click Here To Read Rest Of Article

Dip It

This week’s addition of the ELMM recipe blog features one of our personal favorite snacking staples- DIP! A combination of flavorful ingredients all delivered in one satisfying bite. You probably have your favorite, and you might be surprised when we tell you there is likely not much tweaking that is needed to your dip. It’s what you “dip in your dip” that matters.

A typical dip dish has a base of fat, whether it’s sour cream, cream cheese, or mayonnaise. Although these ingredients do carry a calorie load, they easily align with the ELMM’s nutritional guidelines of maintaining a higher fat and protein diet. Good news there!

So what about what you “dip in your dip”. You guessed it, this … Click Here To Read Rest Of Article

Keep the Eggnog Flowing

The leaves have fallen, and the cold has set in here in the Northwest. Chances are, you have had a craving or two for something warm, comforting, and maybe a bit spiked. We are here to help you feed that craving and not jeopardize your lifestyle goals this season. BRING ON THE EGG NOG!

That’s right! Introducing the ELMM Clinic approved way to enjoy this festive drink. First, let us explore traditional egg nog ingredients.

  1. Eggs- Not a bad ingredient to maintain a high-fat and high-protein diet. What’s more, there is no concern about carbohydrate content with this ingredient!
  2. Whole milk and/or heavy cream- A source of fat and creaminess in this recipe BUT with little to no nutritional value
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