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Dr David Brown - ELMM Clinic Anacortes

Board Certified, Internal Medicine
Board Certified, Obesity Medicine
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Certified
Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering
Wanna-Be Endurance Athlete and Farmer

Dr. Brown is the Founder and Medical Director of ELMM Clinic. His experiences include working in primary care, acute inpatient and critical care medicine, and as Medical Director of a chronic wound care and hyperbaric medicine center. Dr. Brown’s motivation for treating patients with obesity and related chronic illnesses stems from the common thread he has seen among a majority of his chronically ill patients; an overwhelming trend toward unhealthy lifestyle decisions, leading to excessive weight gain and a progression toward significant disability.

When not practicing medicine, Dr. Brown enjoys spending time with his family hiking, skiing, fishing, ‘farming’ and coaching youth sports teams in La Conner. After completing his first 50K trail race in 2016 he’s set a new goal for himself of a 50-miler in 2019!

“It is my personal goal to promote health, happiness, and well being for my family and within the community we serve.”