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Modal Health & ELMM Clinic

Return on Wellness?

Modal Health & ELMM Clinic deliver a high Return On Wellness (ROW) for individuals and organizations by enabling human connectivity, applying personal and population health analytics, and through delivery of evidence based clinical wellness coaching.




The MyModalHealth app & dashboard platform delivers 12 Modalities of wellness that enables and encourages healthy lifestyle behavior.



Coupling analytics to human engagement promotes healthful awareness allowing our clients to achieve their specific wellness, clinical, and financial metrics.



Certified clinical health coaches overseen by medical directors specializing in preventative care ensure safe, predictable wellness outcomes.



We understand the value of building and maintaining relationships among all members of a client’s care team. Delivering a safe, consistent, and effective care plan requires routine engagement that extends beyond the brick and mortar facility. To achieve this objective our proprietary MyModalHealth app connects clients and wellness teams enabling comprehensive clinical wellness coaching.



We recognize the benefit of tracking activity, nutrition, and exercise. Monitoring related disease metrics and care compliance are also essential to providing effective clinical care. ‘Failure to connect’ , whether device or team oriented, is oftentimes a major barrier to care compliance thereby limiting care success. MyModalHealth app’s built-in intelligent visualization tools allow your wellness team to visualize and securely capture all aspects of a care plan which in turn improves individual and organizational outcomes.



We prioritize wellness, clinical care, and data integrity as essential core principles that ensure client safety and privacy. The design and maintenance of safe care protocols and securing client health information are your wellness team’s top priorities. To meet this high standard all of our wellness and healthcare solutions are designed and built to implement up to date, evidence based risk assessment and clinical care recommendations while adhering to the highest standards of data privacy guidelines.